GMCA Extends Waste Management Contracts with Suez for 2026-2029 Period

EFR Skips is keeping a keen eye on waste management developments, including the potential extension talks for waste contracts in Greater Manchester until 2034. This extension hinges on forthcoming works at the Raikes Lane EfW facility and the proposed inclusion of pots, tubs, and trays in the kerbside collected dry recyclables stream, coinciding with the development of a new MRF at the Overhulton site.

Originally awarded to Suez in 2019 for £1 billion, the contract is one of the largest in the country, managing waste for approximately 1.2 million households across Greater Manchester. As a leading skip hire company committed to efficient waste disposal, EFR Skips is interested in supporting efforts to enhance recycling rates and sustainable waste management practices across regions.

John Scanlon, CEO of Suez recycling and recovery UK, expressed enthusiasm for the contract extension, highlighting the company’s dedication to driving improvements in recycling rates and minimizing landfill waste. Since assuming the contracts, recycling rates at household waste recycling centers have surged, making Greater Manchester one of the top-performing regions nationally.

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