Landfill biofuels firm seeks to raise £6m

Renovare Fuels, a producer of sustainable fuels, is embarking on a £6 million investment campaign to advance its technology aimed at converting biodegradable waste into renewable biofuels.

Led by financial advisory firm Amberside Advisors, this investment endeavor has the potential to catalyze sustainable fuel initiatives across the UK and Europe, with projected project values reaching up to £500 million.

Renovare’s proprietary technology harnesses gases from organic waste found in landfill sites, transforming them into liquid biofuels that serve as direct substitutes for diesel, petrol, and aviation fuels, without necessitating engine modifications.

The company is set to inaugurate a £9 million biofuels plant in Northern Ireland later this year, capable of producing nearly two million liters of renewable biofuels annually. With the anticipated investment, Renovare aims to spearhead an additional 48 projects, collectively generating up to 35 million liters of biofuels each year.

Matthew Stone, Chairman of Renovare, expressed optimism about the sustained funding, highlighting its potential to facilitate the widespread deployment of their modular technology across Europe and beyond. He emphasized the significant returns on investment expected as the company accelerates the scaling-up of this innovative technology.

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